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Meet the Team

Delia Manzueta, Alexan 335 Team Member

Delia Manzueta

Marketing Representative

Attentive, Creative, Honest, Amazing

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cat or Dog?


Favorite Quote

Love yourself first and everything else will fall into line.

When I’m not at Alexan 335, I'm...

Spend time with my family!

My Guilty Pleasure


Little known fact about me

I’m scared of frogs!

If I were in a Band, it would be...

Sporty Spice from Spice Girls!

If I owned a Yacht, I would name it...


If I could have a Superhuman Power, it would be...

Make everyone tell me the truth and not lie!!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Dulce de leche

E-Reader or Paperback?


Song I love to dance to

Too many to decide

Camping or Glamping?


Favorite sports team

Don’t have one but love any sport

Best Place I’ve Been

Cayman Island

When I was a Kid...

I thought that I was going to become a singer but unfortunately I can‘t sing.