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Meet the Team

, Apolinar Rubio, Alexan 335 Team Member

Apolinar Rubio

Marketing Representative

Unequivocally the most!

Oaxaca, Mexico

Cat or Dog?


Favorite Quote

No, don’t do it Sharkesha!

When I’m not at Alexan 335, I'm...

Most likely on the beach with my paw daughter.

My Guilty Pleasure

Anything with extra bacon.

Red or White?


Comedy Club or Dance Club?

Comedy Club

Little known fact about me

I am the only male in my family’s generation.

If I were in a Band, it would be...

The Drummer

If I owned a Yacht, I would name it...

Lil Yachty

Favorite Candy


If I could have a Superhuman Power, it would be...

The power to steal every superhuman power.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Chocolate Mint

Song I love to dance to

Anything from the “BeeGee’s”

Best Place I’ve Been

This amazing whole in the wall taco shop in Wingate, NC.

When I was a Kid...

I had too much time in my hands and one time got bored and cut off my eye lashes.