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cold beer always on tap - East Acre Pub & Grub near Alexan 335

East Acre Pub & Grub Near Alexan 335

Enjoying your luxurious lifestyle goes beyond plush apartment features and fun community amenities. Explore your new neighborhood and find gems like East Acre Pub & Grub near Alexan 335. Not only love your new luxury apartment at Alexan 335 but all the neighborhood features that come with a premium address. Hit your stride at Alexan 335.

Drinks and Eats near Alexan 335

When you need a relaxing spot to get a drink and a bite to eat, look no further than East Acre Pub & Grub. In their own words, “Plantation’s neighborhood sports bar where all the locals come for the best jumbo chicken wings, burgers, Philly subs and daily specials every day. Domestic and craft beers, 14 beers on tap, and an assortment of wine.

East Acre Pub & Grub

Go where the locals go and find a good time. Patti S. shares on Yelp“My daughter just bought a house in the area so we thought we would check out the local fare It doesn’t look much from the outside but the friendly staff and patrons greeted us like family even though we were definitely “new” to the area. Our bartender suggested the ham and cheese sliders and I git those and my husband got a BLT. Both were great! So glad we went in and it will be a new staple for when we come visit.”

Local Flavors

When you live at Alexan 335, you can dive into the local flavors of Plantation, Florida. That means you can find something to suit your tastes. Explore a new world of fun that is waiting for you.

Try East Acre Pub & Grub near Alexan 335 and go local. Add this to your list of good times you want to have with your friends.